Current EUW Club tags

How does it work?

I add your account and invite you into the club! As simple as that :)

Do you have more clubs?

Yes I've got many club tags that aren't shown here, add me on discord to see my complete list!

How many clubs can someone join on one account?

You can't join more than 3 clubs on one account.

What are the payment methods & where can I pay you?

I accept Bitcoin, PayPal, PaySafeCards, RP Cards and OSRS gp. To pay me you'll have to add me on discord: Sarah#3357

How much does a club tag usually cost?

Depends of the club tag, they start at 9€

How long can I stay in the club?

They are permanent spots so once you pay, you can stay forever. You may get kicked if your account gets permanently banned or doesn't have a single game played in over 2 months.

How can I contact you?

Add me on discord: Sarah#3357