Current EUNE Summoner Names

How does it work ?

Its very simple, the whole procedure only takes a few minutes. Basically I give you the username and password of the account that has the name you're buying, and then you change the summoner name to something random and then grab it into your main account. If you need help transferring the name I can help you out!

You can also ask Riot Support to swap both accounts names if you're the original owner of the account you want the name on! They'll only charge one name change. (DM me for more info about this)

You can also choose to keep the name on the account and handlevel it (the name will be on a level 1 account).

How much does a summoner name usually cost ?

Every name has different prices but names in EUNE are mostly around 20€. Some names such as Own, Noob, Gay, Win, Gucci, Teleport will easily be over €45.

What are the payment methods & where can I pay you?

I accept Bitcoin, PayPal, PaySafeCards, RP Cards and OSRS gp. To pay me you'll have to add me on discord: Sarah#3357

How much does a name change cost ?

A name change costs 1300 RP or 13 900 BE.

What happens if I lose the name during the transfer ?

My customers have never lost their name during a transfer but if you want a peace of mind, I'm willing to help you transfer it and guarantee that you're going to get the name otherwise money back! You can also ask riot support to swap both accounts names!

Does the club tags come with the name?

No, the club tags won't come with the name but I'm willing to give it with the name for a discounted price!

What level is the account that comes with the name? And how many champions / skins does it have?

The name comes on a level 1 account that has no champions or skins.

How much do club tags cost?

They all have different prices like the names, DM me on discord for more info!

What is your discord?

My discord is: Sarah#3357 (capital S)